Free Skin Soften Action for Photoshop

Please view this tutorial in 720p to ensure you can see the detail. It is a very quick tutorial on how to use a very simple skin softening action that I created. Now don’t let this fool you I dont just run this action, there are a great deal more layers of processing that I put into each image, however this will demonstrate one part that I do in my workflow. It also worth pointing out that I tend to soften and retouch skin as little as possible, and on the rare occasion I do, I try to make sure its not obvious.

If there is an interest I may later post up videos of full end to end image retouching and the simple steps I take. Getting it right in camera is my number one priority but a bit of care in post production can make an image sing.

It isn’t suited to every portrait but for a quick and simple way to soften skin and smooth tones without losing texture and detail this may help you. Recommended to watch in 720p. Shown in CS5 but it should work just as well in newer versions. Link below to download.
Recommended for images between 16 and 21mp but may work fine with others.

Skin retouch action here

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