February SWPP Monthly Contest – 3 highly commended awards

Very pleased to hear I received 3 highly commended awards in the February 2013 SWPP monthly photography contest, in the categories Monochrome, Portrait Avant Garde and Open Avante Garde.

The first photograph on the left I called Aspire, and is of musician and actor Simon Hall Jr. Simon is a very talented guy, and working together with Makeup artist Liz Sifford we set about a mayan bodypaint themed photoshoot. Simon is clearly a young man who is going places and I really love how you can feel his hunger for success in his expression. I often find shooting with actors can be greatly inspiring as their ability to emote can be amazing.

The second image, top right named On Reflection was an image I shot when challenged by my mentor Damian to come up with a concept and shoot within an hour. Working with the lovely Charlie March, who did her own hair and makeup for the shoot and provided a selection of outfits (of which I chose the one below) we went for a story driven image, with a tiny photoshop twist. Interestingly the textured wall and floor is in fact fake, and was nothing more than plain white walls at the time.

Lastly bottom right is Joanna Willet, a friend who helped me out with a shoot and collaborated on the concept. Shot for my Snap Out of It project, to raise awareness of depression, it was again very story driven. The use of the teddy bear with its head removed suggests act of anger or aggression, whilst her expression and body language suggests upset and remorse. I was pleased with the emotion and narrative we achieved with nothing more than a blank wall in a small room.

Thanks to all those who have collaborated and worked with me, success comes from team work with talented individuals, and together we can create something great.

3 highly commended images from the February 2013 contest

3 highly commended images from the February 2013 contest

Posted on March 4, 2013 in News

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