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We can’t always rely on characterful stately homes or beautiful contemporary design to provide the backdrop for our work. Sometimes you are faced with less glamour surroundings,  dilapidated walls, corrugated iron, rough timber or cracked paint.

Such locations however are not without their merit, they set a mood all their own and even inspire the photographer to shoot something they might not in a studio or picturesque location.

There is something interesting about rough, industrial textures as a backdrop for a model who is quite the opposite. It can stand as a wonderful juxtaposition to beauty, yet a few minutes later and a different model and you get a totally different image. It shows how even a background can add to a the narrative of an image and add further depth.

Even colour or the lack of can add to the image, the images of the male subject Douglas, demonstrate perfectly how monochrome can massively enhance mood, simply by removing the distraction of colour.

Below are several images, shot in the entrance to a pole fitness club. The rest of the location was nicely decorated but this small entrance really grabbed my attention. It was my first choice for shooting.

Shabby Chic

Doug giving excellent mood and intensity.

Male headshot

Male Portrait

Posted on July 26, 2015 in Portraits in Warwickshire

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