Mentoring with Damian McGillicuddy

What a fantastic weekend! Not only did I manage to attend a training day for Urban kids, but I also got on the bank holiday to spend a day with my mentor Damian.

We were in for a real treat that day, the format of the shoot session of the day was a shoot as if it was a commercial shoot. We went through the setup of the set, the lighting, the thought process and the narrative of the image.

It really was fascinating and inspiring. We also as we often do take time to experiment and play, several of us had simple LED lights, inexpensive from a supermarket. We thought we would compare the quality of light with that of a flashgun. It was evident that 1600 ISO was needed to get useable light from the lamp but in a dark room they could be useful for adding small pools of light to a scene.

Thankyou to Damian, Charlie, Lesley and the other delegates for making it a great day.

Talk is that Damian won’t have much time for his training in the near future, and he is starting one last mentoring group. So if you are interested contact Damian asap.

Lingerie photoshoot


Charlie Edwards model

Charlie in lingerie

LED Lamp experiment





Posted on June 3, 2011 in News

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