Road trip: VW T25 Campervan in the Snow

We took a road trip in Cookie, our VW t25 camper van to Wasdale, from Warwickshire on the Thursday night, arriving in the dark about 9pm. The views there are stunning but arriving in the dark we couldnt see a thing, we were excited to wake up and see our surroundings. The wind was really starting to get up and made the last hour a little hairy.

When we awoke however, we weren’t met with a stunning vista, but with a white out and snow everywhere. The wind was really high and the snow was going sideways.
Campervan t3/t25 in the snow in Cumbria

Campervan in the snow, t3/t25 vw Transporter

The power went out a few times during the day, and after dropping out about 5pm, it was set to not come on until 1pm the following day. Several attempts to venture out, saw us driven back by gale force winds that made progress difficult and visibllty zero. Wished I had taken my gopro out during these to really show how impressive and scary it was.

We made the decision to walk to the Wasdale Inn, expecting the power to come back on and maybe have some nice dinner. We hiked through the snow and snowdrifts, to find a candlelit pub. We had a nice cooked meal (glad they had gas) and had a hairy but cool walk back to the van. The power never did come back on.

Saturday the road out still wasn’t passable but we waited until the afternoon and made a break for it. Thankfully the temp had risen and many of the roads cleared.
VW T3 camper van

VW Camper van

VW Camper van

Oh and this goat we saw as we drove near Gosforth, it seem to have had better accommodation than us, how does that work?
Goat in stone house in the snow

Little video of a few moments (mostly us leaving on saturday), which shows a hint of the weather, sadly during the worst I didnt have the enthusiasm to get the camera out.

Short trailer version

Long slightly duller version.

Took about 6 hours to get home including a few brief stops, the wind was terrifying at times, and I was fighting to keep the van straight on the M6, even when only going 55.

Posted on March 27, 2013 in News

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    March 27, 2013 at 22:45 ·

    Absolutely love the video!! Even though the weather was horrible, it does sound like it made for an amazing trip!!

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    September 20, 2013 at 20:24 ·

    Cool trip.. I traveled round Europe in one of these many years ago. Was amazing, brings back many memories.


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