Simple edgy portraiture

There is always something nice about working with a familiar face. Loretta is a close friend of mine and we’ve worked together many times, even overseas in one of my favourite places Venice. Search for Loretta Hope on Facebook and look at her amazing aerial silks and modelling work.

This was an image we shot at the end of another shoot to capture a new haircut for auditioning. Loretta wanted to try a shot with water on her face and we shot then quickly and moved onto the next job.

Bizarrely I only glanced at these pics and didn’t do anything with them, that is until returning from the SWPP convention in London.

It was an inspiring time shared with friends old and new. I came home as I often I do with a fresh perspective and I saw this image in a different way. I am glad I did, I think it’s very striking.

What do you think? Comments appreciated.

Posted on January 22, 2015 in Portraits in Warwickshire

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