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I had the pleasure of attending a boudoir workshop by Faye and Trevor Yerbury, at the lovely Coombe Abbey Hotel in Coventry. Many photographers will know Trevor and Faye, as well as being incredibly talented and renowned for their amazing work, they have years of experience in business and wisdom to impart in all areas.

Not only was it a chance to be mentored by Trevor and Faye but also to work with models Carla Monaco and Amelia. Throw in the wonderful rooms and medieval decor of Coombe Abbey and you have a fabulous recipe for wonderful images.

It was so refreshing to take part in a day free of artificial lighting, using only what the windows and reflectors could provide. It was a deeply enjoyable day, Trevor and Faye were very open and supportive, giving feedback and suggestions as we shot. They would also setup some shoots and discuss the thought process from start to finish including concept, the styling and makeup.

Carla and Amelia were absolutely delightful to work with, friendly, professional and able to emote and pose on request like only professional models can. They were hugely impressive and I would recommend them as great value for money to any photographer or artist. Overall a wonderful day and I certainly hope to return to Coombe and organise some shoots of my own.

Carla Monaco Boudoir photographs

Carla Monaco




Posted on December 12, 2014 in Portraits in Warwickshire

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